What Designers Can Learn from Artists and Architects About the Philosophy within Conceptualization

Soren Ingomar Petersen
ingomar&ingomar – consulting
511 Prospect Avenue South Pasadena, CA 91010
Email: soren.petersen@ingomar.net

Martin Steinert
Stanford Center for Design Research
424 Panama Mall Stanford, CA 94305-2232
Email: steinert@stanford.edu

I. What is the potential profit from an on-trend design philosophy?
Profitable design endeavors are founded in superior execution combined with leveraging the market trends. The successful combination of these two elements results in revenues of a factor twelve to twenty higher as compared to falling short on both parameters [1]. Process management has received the majority of research attention the past five decades. However, leveraging emerging trends in formulating a design concept’s supporting philosophy, has only recently received consideration. This is partly due to the emerging need to design for a global market combined with advancement in the understanding of design metrics. Because new trends cannot be created or forced onto the public, the understanding of how trends emerge are detected and designed into new offerings has huge implications for market adoption [2].


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