Poster Session

Please access the drop down menu above to view abstracts from each of the following papers.

Section 8: MDW VIII Poster Session

A. Goncher and A. Johri, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, “What types of constraints lead to innovative design solutions? The effect of client and project constraints in authentic design experiences.”

B. Hyman, R. Fales, Y. Lin and R. A. Winholtz, University of Missouri, and J. Borgford-Parnell, University of Washington, “Capstone design as cornerstone for project-based learning throughout the curriculum.”

B. Morkos, S. Joshi and J. D. Summers, Clemson University, and V. Mucino, West Virginia University, “International capstone immersion experience: Senior design in Mexico.”

S. Petersen, Ingomar & Ingomar, and M. Steinert, Stanford University, “What designers can learn from artists and architects about the philosophy within conceptualization.”

C. Roschuni and A. M. Agogino, University of California at Berkeley, “Communicating design research: Framing techniques.”

M. Schar and M. Lande, Stanford University, “’What Counts’ for success: Understanding the role of product manager and the implications for teaching design engineering students.”

L. A. Shluzas and L. J. Leifer, Stanford University, “Preparing tomorrow’s medical device designers and entrepreneurs.”

C. Z. Qian and S. C. Visser, Purdue University, “Design for relieving: Home-based healthcare products.”


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