Curriculum Matters

Please access the drop down menu above to view abstracts from each of the following papers.

Section 7: Curriculum Matters

S. R. Daly and J. Christian, University of Michigan, S. Yilmaz, Iowa State University, C. M.
Seifert and R. Gonzalez, University of Michigan, “Assessing design heuristics for idea
generation in an introductory engineering design course.”

A. Silva and L. Faria, Technical University of Lisbon, “Two approaches to design teaching in a
mechanical engineering curriculum.”

L. Oehlberg, I. Leighton, A. M. Agogino and B. Hartmann, University of California at Berkeley,
“Teaching human-centered design innovation across engineering, humanities and social

Wm. M. Butler, J. P. Terpenny, R. M. Goff, and H. M. Steinhauer, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
and State University, R. S. Pant, IIT Bombay, “Improving the aerospace capstone design experience through simulation based learning.”


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