Please access the drop down menu above to view abstracts from each of the following papers.

Section 6: Entrepreneurship

N. Duval-Couetil, T. Reed-Rhoades and S. Haghigi, Purdue University, “Engineering students
and entrepreneurship education: Involvement, attitudes and outcomes.”

K. Yasuhara, University of Washington, H. L. Chen, M. Lande and S. D. Sheppard, Stanford
University, “Educating engineering entrepreneurs: A multi-institution analysis.”

J. Garcia, J. Sinfield, A. Yadav and R. Adams, Purdue University, “Learning through
entrepreneurially-oriented case-based instruction.”

Z. M. Oden, M. K. O’Malley, G. Woods, T. Kraft and B. Burke, Rice University, “Outcomes of
recent efforts at Rice University to incorporate entrepreneurship concepts into interdisciplinary capstone design.”


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