Leveraging Advances in Open Innovation to Re-design Design Learning

Aditya Johri and Hon Jie Teo
Department of Engineering Education
Virginia Tech 616 McBryde Hall Blacksburg, VA 24061
Email: ajohri@vt.edu and hjteo@vt.edu

In this paper we propose a novel approach to design education which draws on advances in open innovation to reorganize design learning in both formal and informal settings. We draw on empirical findings from field studies of projects that leverage open innovation principles to outline lessons for creating open design experiences. We make visible the advantages of extending design education to external clients and participants, thereby increasing the authenticity of projects, and of making the design task the cornerstone of the learning activity – as opposed to structuring learning around a person. The lessons we present are equally applicable to in-class design projects and to informal design projects undertaken by students but points towards future education where the formal/informal distinction will melt away leading to blended environments.


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