Students Seeing Innovation

Please access the drop down menu above to view abstracts from each of the following papers.

Section 2: Students Seeing Innovation

K. E. Bigelow, University of Dayton, “Student perspectives in an all-female first-year engineering innovation course.”

K. Lau, S. L. Beckman and A. M. Agogino, University of California at Berkeley, “Diversity in design teams: An investigation of learning styles and their impact on team performance and innovation.”

J. Rhee, D. Parent and C. Oyamot, San Jose State University, “Influence of personality on a senior project combining innovation and entrepreneurship.”

M. V. Manuel, University of Florida, A. F. McKenna, Arizona State University, and G. B. Olson, Northwestern University, “The driving force behind student innovation in capstone design projects: Insights into the human connection.”


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