What Are Students Thinking?

Session 3: What Are Students Thinking?

D. Kilgore, A. Jocuns, K. Yasuhara, and C. J. Atman, University of Washington, “From Beginning to End: How Engineering Students Think and Talk About Sustainability Across the Life Cycle

E. Gerber, A. McKenna, P. Hirsch and C, Yarnoff, Northwestern University, “Learning to Waste and Wasting to Learn? How to Use Cradle to Cradle Principles to Improve the Teaching of Design

R. Adams, Purdue University, N. Beltz, San Diego State University, L. Mann, Central Queensland University, D. Wilson, University of Washington, “Exploring Student Differences in Formulating Cross-Disciplinary Sustainability Problems

J. Strobel, I. Huza, F. Jun, and C. Harris, Purdue University, “Not all Constraints are Equal: Stewardship and Boundaries of Sustainability as Viewed by First-Year Engineering Students


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