Session 6: Innovation

D. Tate, T. Maxwell, A. Ertas, H-C. Zhang, U. P. Flueckiger, W. Lawson, A. D. Fontenot and J. Chandler, Texas Tech University, “Transdisciplinary Approaches for Teaching and Assessing Sustainable Design

M. H. Bremer and E. Gonzalez, Tecnológico de
Monterrey, “Teaching Creativity and Innovation Using Sustainability as Driving Force

L. Vanasupa, California Polytechnic State University, J. Stolk, Olin College, J. B. Zimmerman, Yale University, L. J. Leifer, Stanford University, and P. T. Anastas, Yale University, “The Systemic Correlation Between Mental Models and Sustainable Design: Implications for Engineering Educators

J. Linsey, Texas A&M University, “Innovation Skills for Tomorrow’s Sustainable Designers

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