An Experiment in Design Pedagogy Transfer Across Cultures and Disciplines

Philipp L. Skogstad, Rebecca M. Currano, and Larry J. Leifer
Center for Design Research, Stanford University
424 Panama Mall, Stanford, CA 94305-2232, USA

The pedagogy of project-based courses is notoriously difficult to transfer but in today’s global economy it is crucial to be able to teach innovation. Therefore, an experiment was performed to evaluate how a design innovation course could be transferred across cultures, disciplines and institutions. Specifically, a graduate level engineering design course from Stanford University was emulated at the University of St Gallen in Switzerland. The course methodology exemplifies the innovation approach taken by notable companies that represent the innovation success of Silicon Valley. The results obtained from a series of interviews indicate that there is a set of essentials to this pedagogy, which, when transferred, led to similar innovation success elsewhere.


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