Multinational Curricula

Session 4: Multinational Curricula

C. L. Magee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and A. M. Cunha, University of Minho: “Engineering Design and Product Development: A Focus of the MIT-Portugal Programme

N. T. Kirkland and V. L. Vitanov, Durham University, D. Schaefer, Georgia Institute of Technology: “An Investigation into Utilizing Current Information Technologies to Deliver Engineering Education to Sub-Sahara Africa

M. M. Mehalik, M. Lovell and L. S. Shuman, University of Pittsburgh: “Product Realization for Global Opportunities: Learning Collaborative Design in an International Setting

P. Skogstad, R. Currano and L. J. Leifer, Stanford University: “An Experiment in Design Pedagogy Transfer Across Cultures and Disciplines


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