Assessing Flat World Skills

Session 1: Assessing Flat World Skills

R. Bailey, University of Virginia: “Comparative Study of Undergraduate and Practicing Engineer Knowledge of the Roles of Problem Definition and Idea Generation in Design

C. J. Atman and K. Yasuhara, University of Washington, R. S. Adams, Purdue University, T. Barker and J. Turns, University of Washington, and E. Rhone, Lake Partners Strategy Consultants, Inc., “Breadth in Problem Scoping: A Comparison of Freshman and Senior Engineering Students

M. E. Cardella, Stanford University, C. J. Atman and J. Turns, University of Washington, R. Adams, Purdue University: “Students with Differing Design Processes as Freshmen: Case Studies on Change

M. V. Manuel, A. F. McKenna and G. B. Olson, Northwestern University: “Hierarchical Model for Coaching Design Teams


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