Science and Systems for the Design Toolbox

Section 4: Science and Systems for the Design Toolbox

T. R. Kurfess, The Georgia Institute of Technology, “Challenges and Directions for Integrating Mechatronics into Early Design

R. Fruchter, Stanford University, “Dimensions of Teamwork Education

W. H. Wood, University of Maryland, “Unifying Design Education through Decision Theory

B. Linder and W. C. Flowers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Integrating Engineering Science and Design: A Definition and Discussion

S. D. Sheppard, Stanford University, “The Compatibility (or Incompatibility) of How we Teach Engineering Design and Analysis

T. Arciszewski, George Mason University, “Structural Design Education for the 21st Century

C. Briggs, University of Idaho, “On the Role of CAx in Design Education

S. J. Lukasik, Stanford University, “Educating Designers of Complex Systems: Information Networks as a Testbed

G. B. Olson, Northwestern University, “Brains of Steel: Mind Melding with Materials


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