Products and Projects

Section 3: Products and Projects

D. Harris, Harvey Mudd College, “A Case for Project-Based Design Education

P. E. Doepker, University of Dayton, “Integrating the Product Realization Process into the Design Curriculum

R. E. Appel and N. Jeremijenko, Yale University, “SynThesis: Integrating Real World Product Design and Business Development with the Challenges of Innovative Instruction

C. D. Pionke, J. R. Parsons, J. E. Seat, F. E. Weber, and D. C. Yoder, University of Tennessee, “Balancing Capability, Enthusiasm and Methodology in a First-Year Design Program

R. M. Counce and J. M. Holmes, University of Tennessee, “An Honors Capstone Design Experience Utilizing Authentic Industrial Projects

T. M. Regan, J. W. Dally, P. F. Cunniff, G. Zhang, and L. Schmidt, University of Maryland, “Curriculum-Integrated Engineering Design and Product Realization

S. P. Magleby, R. H. Todd, D. L. Pugh, and C. D. Sorenson, Brigham Young University, “Selecting Appropriate Industrial Projects for Capstone Design Programs

P. Little and J. King, Harvey Mudd College, “Selection Criteria for Cornerstone and Capstone Design Projects

D. M. Cannon and L. J. Leifer, Stanford University, “Product-Based Learning in an Overseas Study Program: The ME110K Course

B. I. Hyman, University of Washington, “From Capstone to Cornerstone: A New Paradigm for Design Education


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