Assessment in the Light of ABET Accreditation Criteria

J. R. Phillips and Ziyad H. Duron
Engineering Department, Harvey Mudd College
301 E. 12th Street, Claremont, CA 91711, USA
E-mail: rich_

Harvey Mudd College was one of three institutions visited by ABET in 1997/98 as part of the pilot program to aid in the implementation of Criteria 2000. Engineering at Harvey Mudd is non- specialized and characterized by a commitment to design. In particular, it is known for a high-level of student-team project work performed for outside sponsors in the Engineering Clinic. This paper describes assessment activities initiated as a result of our ABET visit. Particular emphasis is placed on those ABET criteria related to design and on our design specific assessment actions. Activities assessed include student presentations, sponsor surveys, and project schedules and budgets.


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