Poster Session

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Section 8: MDW VIII Poster Session

R. S. Adams, T. Forin, M. Chua, and D. Radcliffe, Purdue University, “How do design teachers across disciplines coach their students in design thinking?”

Y. Allam and C. Gribbin, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, “First-Year/Senior Year Design Data: Results from Research on Post-secondary Aerospace Engineering Design Student Activities”

C. J. Atman, J. Borgford-Parnell, University of Washington, R. S. Adams, M. E. Cardella, Purdue University, K. Deibel, J. E. Turns, University of Washington, “Design Educators and Design Representations: Exploring Intersections Across Doing, Seeing, Hearing, and Teaching Design”

D. Bairaktarova and Z. Siddique, University of Oklahoma, “Adaptation of a Design Thinking Course from a Well-established Program – Lessons Learned”

A. C. Bennett, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, “The fundamental role of seeing in design thinking”

M. Berg, Iowa State University, “Exploring the Role of Large-Scale Immersive Computing Environments in Design Thinking Education”

K. Berry, M. Sabeghi, J. K. Allen, F. Mistree, University of Oklahoma, “Two Student Perspectives on Developing Competencies for their Near Tomorrows”

S. Daly, The University of Michigan, S. Yilmaz, Iowa State University, K. Jablokow, Penn State University, E. Silk, Rutgers University, W. Teerlink, Penn State University, C. Wehr, Iowa State University, “The Implications of Ideation Preferences for Design Thinking Education”

A. Danowitz, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, “Using Self-Determination Theory Criteria to Create an Engaging Final Project”

E. Gerber, and M. Easterday, Northwestern University, “Social Innovation Networks: Models, Outcomes, and Challenges”

N. Kellam and M. Lande, Arizona State University, “Folk Tales: Mindful Storytelling in Design Thinking Activity”

S. King, R. Kinler, and D. Giuriantano, Louisiana State University, “Engineering a Four-Year Curriculum to Actively Engage Students and Industry in Engineering Design Education”

D. Rees Lewis, E. Gerber, M. Easterday, Northwestern University, “Supporting Project Scoping: The Scoping Wheel”

E. Macdonald, Stanford University, “Quantified Cognitive Empathy”

V. Miller, Iowa State University, “Empathizing-Systematizing Theory and Design Thinking”

R. M. Pidaparti, University of Georgia, “Using Arts and Biomimicry Concepts to Improve Design Thinking in Student Learning”

L. C. Schmidt and D. Dumas, University of Maryland, “Linking Relational Reasoning Skills to TRIZ Success”

D. Socha, University of Washington Bothell, S. Walter, Illinois Institute of Technology, and K. Franznick, Blink UX, “Design thinking within a physical-cyber-social system: What we can learn from the NFL”

M. Klein Williams, K. Bomkamp, E. Lemle, and J. I. Long, Two Bit Circus “Learners Design Their Own Better Worlds: Encouraging Design Thinking as a 21st Century Skill”