Clive L. Dym Mudd Design Workshop XI:  Design Education & Practice “How Process Matters”

30 May – 1 June 2019

Supported by Harvey Mudd College, engineers, designers, and educators will gather to discuss the importance of process to the engineering design enterprise. Participants will reflect on the meaning of process in design, discuss stages and aspects of design processes, and compare approaches to teaching, learning, and practicing engineering design. In design education contexts, key learning goals and deliverables vary by course and experience; the focus may be on mastering particular design skills, building a high quality product, or gaining exposure to some or all of a design process. With variation in emphasis, important questions arise: How might the alternatives of formative or summative perspectives on design education be in real conflict or supportive of larger learning goals? What is the role of process in the context of engineering design education? And how does a process-led pedagogy differ from actual practice?

A. M. Agogino, University of California, Berkeley; A. Altman, University of Dayton; C. J. Atman, University of Washington; R. Bailey, University of Virginia; S. Daly, University of Michigan; G. Fine, Boston University; A. Ibrahim, Yorkville University; G. G. Krauss (committee chair), Harvey Mudd College; M. Lande, Arizona State University; C. L. Magee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; S. D. Sheppard, Stanford University; K. M. Sienko, University of Michigan; M. Siniawski, Loyola Marymount University; J. P. Terpenny, Pennsylvania State University; and M. C. Yang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

8:00am, Thursday (Parsons Design Studio): Welcome breakfast, registration, and socializing

10:00am, Thursday (Parsons Design Studio):  1st podium session

12:00pm, Thursday (Green Room, Platt Center):  Luncheon and

2:00pm, Thursday (Parsons Design Studio):  2nd podium session

4:00pm, Thursday:  1st Poster session

6:00pm, Thursday (Green Room, Platt Center):  Dinner

7:00am, Friday (Parsons Design Studio):  Breakfast/Coffee

8:00am, Friday (Parsons Design Studio):   3rd podium session

10:00am, Friday (Parsons Design Studio):  4th podium session

12:00pm, Friday (Green Room, Platt Center):  Second Day Luncheon

2:00pm, Friday (Parsons Design Studio):  5th podium session

4:00pm, Friday:  2nd Poster session

6:30pm, Friday (Platt Center):  Dinner

7:00aam, Saturday (Parsons Design Studio):  Breakfast

8:00am, Saturday (Parsons Design Studio):  6th podium session

10:00am, Saturday (Parsons Design Studio):  Wrap up session

12:00pm, Saturday (Hoch-Shanahan Aviataion Room):  Lunch

1:30pm, Saturday (Parsons Design Studio):  Collaboration Networking Workshop (optional)
Meet to plan cross-institutional research, develop a plan for future collaboration, or otherwise identify and plan collaborative efforts.


The workshop will be held in the Parsons Engineering Design Studio in the Parsons Engineering Building at Harvey Mudd College. The workshop begins with registration at 8:00 am on Thursday, 30 May in the southwest lobby of the Parsons Engineering Building. Lunch follows at noon and the workshop continues through the afternoon of Saturday, 1 June. The registration fee of $545.00 covers three continental breakfasts (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), three lunches (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), two dinners (Thursday, Friday), and copies of the preliminary (CD) proceedings.

Harvey Mudd College is located in Claremont, California. Claremont is about 35 miles east of Los Angeles and served primarily by Ontario Airport, but also by LAX, John Wayne (Orange County), and Burbank Airports.

Arrangements for discounted rooms have been made in two locations. On-campus, single occupancy dorm rooms are available at an average of $68.00 per night. Off-campus, rooms are available ($134.00 plus tax for a single) at The DoubleTree Hotel in Claremont, about one-half of one mile away from the college (and a pleasant walk, at that). Reservations may  be made for either the dorm room or the DoubleTree at


To ensure a place at the workshop, please register online by Friday, 15 May.


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